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Welcome to Electronic Ministry (eMin) Resources – your one stop for interactive Missionary Display Systems,  Online Giving with GiveSafe, plus much more.

You’re looking to modernize your church with state-of-the-art technology without overwhelming your members.  eMin Resources has the answers to your technology questions.  All of our products have been built for ease of use, functionality, and security.

Your church missions program can be interactive and display all of your supported missionaries at the touch of a finger with eMin Resources Missionary Display System.  With sizes ranging from 21 inch display to 65 inch wall mounted interactive touch screen displays, we can help meet any budget.

Missionary Display System

eMin Resources

The eMin Resources Missionary Display System


You have discovered a wonderful tool to connect your people to your missionaries.

At the touch of the screen users will have quick access to your missionaries. Prayer letters, video, prayer card, phone, location, and more.  eMin Resources is your one stop for the Missionary Display System,  Online Giving with GiveSafe, and much more.

If you are looking to modernize your church without overwhelming your members, look no further!

Online Giving

Online Giving

We make online giving easy and secure! Donors can give one time or setup recurring gifts. GiveSafe allows your ministry to accept credit cards, debit cards, and eCheck gifts! With GiveSafe online and mobile giving donors can give from anywhere!

Event Registration

Allow supporters and members to easily register and pay for events online! Create unlimited events!

Fundraising Pages

Want to raise funds for a new project? The GiveSafe fundraiser feature allows you to create an unlimited number of fundraisers each with it’s own web page!

Shopping Cart

The GiveSafe shopping cart makes offering CDs, videos, books, shirts or whatever your organization offers a snap!



Recurring giving designations YES
One time giving designations YES
All major card types YES
Mobile giving YES
Easy reporting for members and staff YES
Unlimited Fundraising Pages YES
Shopping Cart YES
Event Registration YES
Electronic Ministry Resources makes online giving easy for all ministries and offers the ability to accept all major payment cards and ACH/eCheck transactions quickly and affordably.

Hardware Options

The Electronic Ministry Resources kiosk software will run on any Windows 10 PC     (must meet minimum requirements)
Minimum Requirements:
  • 2.5GHZ dual core CPU – We recommend Intel i3 or better
  • 8 Gigs of RAM
  • Window 10 Pro if you will be networking to place admin on remote PC
  • Good Graphics – We recommend Intel HD graphics 4000 or better (or equivalent)
  • WIFI – If connecting wirelessly – We recommend connecting to an ethernet cable when possible, but wifi will work
  • Minimum of two available USB ports

We Provide:

Your Pre-Configured System with Software Installed

Your Pre-Assembled Display Ready to Mount

eMin Resources Mini PC
This Small form factor PC is perfect for attaching a large touchscreen. Measuring less than 2″ thick makes this PC easy to conceal. The eMin Resources Mini PC is well built, using only top name brand components. So if you plan on putting the eMin Missions Application on a large touchscreen or already have a touchscreen monitor the eMin Mini PC is a great buy!
emin resources touch screen missions mini pc computer img
  • Intel i3 Series CPU
  • 8GB of RAM
  • 120GB solid state hard drive
  • Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
  • WIFI
  • Measures only 4.59″x4.41″x1.55″
All-in-One Touch PC’s
Sleek, slim, space saving design. Long life LED backlight. 5-wire resistive touchscreen. Rugged black allow metal enclosure. With 18.5″ to 70″ screen sizes, we can provide an All In One that will be perfect in you Missions Display area
Podium Stands
The Podium Kiosk now offers an economical and portable kiosk without sacrificing functionality!
Mounting Brackets, Desktop Stands & Accessories
  • Wall Mount Kit for 18.5″ to 27″ AIO’s, 100mm VESA – $22.00
  • Wall Mount Kit for 32″ AIO – $55.00
  • Desktop Stand for up to 22″ AIO – $77.00
  • Mounts Star TSP-143 Printer, Works with Podium – $173.00
  • Star 80mm Receipt Printer, works with Printer Tray & Hold-down Bracket – $317.00
  • Bracket Works with 18.5″ and 22″ AIOs on Wall or Podium Kiosk – $40.00
  • Top Sign Holding Bracket for Standard Angled Podium – $139.00
Card Readers & Printers
Magtek Card Reader
  • Bi-directional reader
  • Secure
  • Reliable
  • Compact size
  • USB
Detail: This secure card reader is built for reliability, and installation ease. This unit is designed to seamlessly attach to your kiosk.

Epson T20 Printer
  • Thermal printer
  • Auto cutter
  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • Drop-in paper loading
Detail: The Epson T20 is a very reliable and easy to use thermal printer. This unit connects to your kiosk through a USB connection.


The eMin Resources Missionary Display System is a revolution in how Church members stay up to date and in touch with your missionaries!

Easily display the latest missionary letters, videos, prayer cards and even church announcements easily with the Missionary Display System.

Missionary Display System allows church members to stay in contact with Missionaries.

Specialties: Missionary Display System, Online Giving