Simple Pricing

Our pricing structure is meant to be as simple as possible. For the hardware, you pay a single package fee depending on the options you choose. Then you’ll pay a subscription fee for the software that includes access to all the latest features, updates, and support.

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Software Pricing

Our software is what powers the whole experience. Running on the latest Windows 10 platform, our software provides the best user experience possible. Pay by the month or for years up front to receive top notch quality software and support.

Hardware Pricing

We have been providing and servicing computer hardware and software since 1999. We get some really great pricing on everything we provide. While we do not force you to use our hardware to run our missions application, we do have some recommendations to provide the best experience for your members.  Due to recent supply chain difficulties, all of our hardware pricing links lead you to a contact form to reach out to us.  I check weekly for the most current prices and availability.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is there a long term contract?

We never force churches into contracts.  The software can be purchased month to month, or for longer if you prefer not to be billed each month

Is there a trial version of the software?

Absolutely!  Simply follow the instructions on the download tab.  The only limitation is the software will only display 3 missionaries.

Do we have to purchase hardware from you?

No WAY!  Many churches today have full IT Departments.  If your folks want to get hardware on their own we are perfectly fine with that choice.

How difficult is the system to maintain?

The initial data input can take some time, but after entering a couple of missionaries into the system, it is much easier.  We have designed the admin so even the most non-tech person can catch on quickly. 

Do you come and install the system?

We are a small company who focus on building great software and implementing the wonderful feedback we receive from the folks using our software.  We can recommend folks in your area to help with installation.

What kind of manuals are there for learning the ins and outs?

We provide how to videos that cover every aspect of our software.  Visit the download page and scroll down to Learn.